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Carole Richardson (British Wheel of Yoga Qualified)

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About This Class:

Hatha Yoga is a safe and effective way to promote a healthy and supple body. It increases body awareness and can help reduce physical and mental stress levels.

It combines the use of postures known as asanas with breathing techniques called pryanama and relaxation methods to achieve harmony, balance and a general feeling of well-being. In addition, energy levels and the free flow of energy within the body can be improved through the practice of yoga.

Most yoga classes are suitable for both men and women of all ages and abilities. Yoga is non-competitive and postures can be modified to enable each student to work in a way appropriate to their individual needs.

Postures can be used to target specific anatomical areas. Many people find yoga can help alleviate and prevent various forms of back pain. It can help provide a greater understanding of the use of the body and help to identify and release excess tension.

Hatha yoga is practiced by people of all ages, backgrounds and ability levels. These include sportsmen and women, people working under pressure with little free time, busy parents dealing with the stress of young children, retired people, those coping with injury or disability and by others seeking to find relaxation and a reduction of stress in a hectic life.

The British Wheel of Yoga is recognised by Sport England as the national governing body of yoga