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Heather Sheldon

Emily Thompson

About This Class:

The classes run in 6 week blocks. Each class lasts an hour and you will also receive a YogaBellies Mum & Baby Pack which includes local information and a gorgeous YogaBellies tote bag for you to keep. Expect a selection of information on your yoga practice, YogaBellies breathing techniques and MP3 downloads of meditations; routines to practice at home; mini sequence video clips and special YogaBellies offers, and much, much more.

What happens at the classes?

Our classes last around an hour and involve yoga for mum, yoga for baby and some lovely deep relaxation together. All of the postures can be practiced with or without your baby, depending on how you prefer to focus. A typical session includes baby stretches to take small bodies through a full range of movement which often astonishes (and inspires) their mums and involves baby massage; breathing and focused yoga postures for the mums, and postures-for-two to give mums and babies new ways to relate to each other. For mums, we focus on gently working your BAP's (back, abs and pelvic floor,) slowly getting mummy back to pre-baby shape and helping to build strength, stamina and fitness.

When is it best to start?

Normally, I would recommend at least 6 weeks after you have given birth. If you have had a caesarean section, then I would recommend 8-10 weeks. As always, the most important thing is to listen to your body, if you are in any pain or discomfort, just wait a few weeks. During the class there is no pressure for you or baby to do anything that's uncomfortable and there's no need to have any yoga experience either. During class don't worry if your baby cries, needs feeding, sleeps etc...this class is an enjoyable one so 'go with the flow' is the motto! Our classes are suitable for all levels of yoga practice so please don't worry if you have not done yoga before.

If you have any questions or would like more information prior to booking please contact Reception.