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Julie Dore NIMH CPP

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Julie Dore is a qualified medical herbalist, member of both the NIMH and CPP and has a degree in Medical Herbalism from the College of Phytotherapy.

She has a particular interest in helping peri and post menopausal women, stress and anxiety related conditions and the health problems they cause.

Modern herbal medicine combines the traditional wisdom gained over countless generations with evidence based scientific research to provide the best possible solution for each individual patient. Herbal medicine uses plants to promote optimum health, to help prevent illness and aid recovery. It is founded on the principle of using the whole plant (not isolated constituents) to help the whole person. Its aim is to create deep and lasting health improvements in a safe, gentle but effective way working with the body's own innate capacity for healing. When dispensed by a qualified Medical Herbalist it is safe for everyone from the very young to the elderly. Some plant medicines have significant interactions with drugs and medical herbalists always take into account pre-existing medical conditions and all medications, prescribed and otherwise, when deciding on a herbal prescription. Professional advice will ensure safe, appropriate remedies are identified.