Carol Richardson - Britsh Wheel of Yoga Teacher



A new 1 hour class with a gentle approach by Carole Richardson will be held at 11am on Wednesday mornings in RCHC Studio.

Have you stopped attending exercise classes after aggravating a problem or are you perhaps hesitant that a Yoga or other exercise session may be too strenuous for you? Then 'Yoga for you' may be the answer.

'Yoga for you' will be specifically designed to make Yoga accessible to all participants, particularly those keen to avoid stress to vulnerable areas such as knees, wrists and necks
It will, of course, maintain the Yoga philosophy of an 'individual journey' towards improving health and well-being.
To do so it will select carefully from the vast range of Yoga postures or asanas to choose gentle options suitable for class members. These may include standing stretches, seated and lying postures where appropriate.

Participants will be encouraged to discuss any concerns and limitations prior to participation.

The class will end with a period of gentle relaxation

Please contact us for more information